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 PACT creates positive change by contracting with government agencies, faith-based and community organizations to develop and manage programs, projects and initiatives that nurture trusting and purposeful relationships in a community.  

“When we do change to people they experience it as violence but when people do change for themselves they experience it as liberation.” (Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School) 

Our Community Building Core Principles:

  • PACT believes in starting with listening to individuals and communities. Our first step is to learn. We want to sit down with beneficiaries and stakeholders taking the posture not of the teacher but the student. We always want to invest the time necessary to build a foundation of trusting relationship.

  • PACT believes in designing programs and projects collaboratively alongside of beneficiaries and stakeholders. We attempt to move forward and discover solutions to barriers through conversation in such a way that stakeholders and beneficiaries feel ownership. Beneficiaries will own what they create themselves. 

  • PACT believes in building on what is strong in individuals and communities. We want to start with what is strong in individuals and communities not with what is wrong. We want to build with the skills and passions of beneficiaries and the power of their networks.

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Hear My Story

PACT Mentoring Relationship


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